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Advances the progression counting this puzzle as a win.

Advances the progression counting this puzzle as a loss.

What is This?

This is Infinite Refraction, part of a research project exploring computers designing games. It's a version of the math puzzle game Refraction where the puzzles and progression are generated entirely by computer. The puzzles are pre-generated so you'll have to read the source code to see how that works, but the progression is created in Javascript. You can see the internal state of the progression system on the right. You also don't actually have to complete the puzzles and can instead skip around using the buttons below the game board.

You can also view each individual puzzle and its solutions and features with the puzzle viewer.

Currently, the only written details of how this stuff works are a few academic papers, but hopefully I'll get around to writing more accessible explanations soon. In the meantime, you can read the paper about the game, or dig into the source code.

Created by , , , and many others at the Center for Game Science that worked on the original Refraction.

Visualization of Player Model and Progression

Columns are: Weight, Name, # Puzzles Won. Features are calculated by analyzing the structure of puzzles' solutions.

Current Puzzle Features:

Cost of Current Puzzle:

Target Cost:

Full Player Model: